Resilient Leadership in Turbulent Times webinar tomorrow

When the economy tanks, effective leaders are needed most.

Managing through economic hardship requires that all leaders acknowledge the uncertainty of the economy, and display a sensitivity to its impact on all staff.

Effective managers realize that its not just employees who may be feeling a new set of stresses, but entire families and neighborhoods.

Leaders that can provide comfort, communication, and resiliency training are the leaders that will emerge the winners when the dust settles...and so will their teams.

This webinar, designed for hospital leaders, will present important issues to consider during these extraordinary times. Solid strategies for communicating with both senior and middle managers will be presented, along with a sure-fire way to assure your frontliners are both informed and motivated.

If you can join in, please register at https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/492806240 .

See you tomorrow!


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