HCAHPS - How to solve night quietness

This question might be a little misleading for patients.

Was it the hallway noise that was keeping them up at night, or something else? Do they really care, if they couldn't sleep?

Getting to the bottom of it starts with an effective rounding process.

So, let's start there: get a rounding process in place (hourly is recommended) that supports patients in their key comfort points, but also ascertains if your patient slept well the night before.

If this is your 'focus question', have a pre-scripted set of follow-ups prepared so that all rounders can drill down: "why not, what was keeping you up?"/"when did you try to sleep?" etc.

...the objective is to determine, through a uniform conversational protocol, if hallway noise was in fact the issue.

If it was - move on it.

If it was something else: roommate noise, visitors, etc. you can deal with that.

Once the rounding on the patient is complete, the information must be logged. Get a trending tool to help you identify issues. This'll save tons of time, and actually make rounding a fundamental building block in your HCAHPS improvement plan.

Interested in a tool? Our Bellwether tool provides all of the stability and robust support you'll need in a very easy to handle package...call us to find out more about how Bellwether, with an effective rounding process, can be integral to your HCAHPS plan! 1800.667.7325. ext:219


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