Five Facts about Culture

Here are five facts about culture from a report titled 'Concepts of Culture and Organizational Analysis'.

Although most reports I've come across indicate that culture can be effectively changed, controlled and managed to support organizational goals they often downplay the complexity of such a strategy. If changing your culture is something your serious about, understand that it's not a "get in get out" solution. It takes time and specialty training.

1. Culture indicates the 'way of life' for workers who often take its influence for granted (they simply accept it). The firms culture becomes obvious when an aspect of it causes a corporate setback (it must change).

2. Culture is stable over time and it resists quick changes.

3. A culture involves internal and external aspects. Internally, a culture might encourage quality, cost effectiveness and accuracy.

4. Culture can be measured, evaluated and perfected.

5. Culture can be managed to support the firm's strategic plan.

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