Responsiveness to the call button...the big opportunity to improve patient experience

According to AHRQ's 2007 summary of HCAHPS data, 47% of patients reported less than 'always' to the question "During the hospital stay, after you pressed the call button, how often did you get help as soon as you wanted it?"

In hospitals with effective rounding processes in place, this number is of course dramatically lower. How effective is yours?

We recommend implementing an hourly rounding process, as well as a leader rounding process.

An effective log-and-analysis process can produce the following benefits:

1. Reduction in the number of call button requests in the first place
2. Trend-analysis by unit of patient needs related to call buttons and other factors likely to affect patient experience (HCAHPS, VBP impact)
3. Immediate-intervention when feedback indicates 'hot zones'
4. Assessment and adjustment of current improvement effort

Join us for a webinar which will present how you can use such a logging service to your advantage in the ED and Outpatient areas.

Webinar: Improving ED and Outpatient Satisfaction

Date: Tuesday May 19, 2009
Time: 2:00pm EST
Fee: No cost
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