How your staff affect your patient experience.

Nothing beats the quality of experience delivered by a highly professional, motivated, and stunningly energized workforce.

But it can't happen overnight.

With HCAHPS on us, and Value-Based Purchasing just around the corner, we urge you to look upon 'Patient Experience' as both a financial and strategic priority, and begin moving your team toward the vision of becoming 'highly professional, stunningly motivated, and amazingly energized'.

First, make the commitment to play 'long ball'.

Acknowledge that most competitors will be 'caught sleeping' on this issue, and take the competitive advantage by capitalizing on the benefits that a truly engaged and motivated workforce can provide.

Next, find creative and meaningful ways to reignite motivation in a sustainable, authentic, purposeful way.

Then, find a way to keep all managers and supervisors involved. Make them accountable for supporting your vision of providing the 'best patient experience in the market'.

Not quite sure how to get this off the ground?

Book a CEO's Service Leadership Initiative!

It'll isolate the areas where your staff are actively disengaged, and positively engaged - you'll be provided with critical information to plan an effective strategy to build the best patient experience in the market, with a focus on attaining peak HCAHPS results and VBP yield.

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