Is your service excellence process due for a check-up?

As I visit hospitals, I am struck with the wide variance in effectiveness in Service Excellence councils.

Some are terrific, others are struggling to find their voice, while others are virtually non-existent.

It's my belief that fundamental to strong HCAHPS or patient satisfaction scores is a vibrant, effective, and even courageous Service Excellence council.

Without one, you'll flounder. With one, you'll succeed.

While strong HCAHPS and patient satisfaction scores aren't (regrettably!) as simple as strengthening your Service Excellence council, the team over at Custom Learning Systems has developed an incredibly effective diagnostic process that'll set you on the right track.

The CLS Service Excellence Diagnostic will:

- Give you a quick snapshot of your current service excellence process and its effectiveness

- Assist you to set a clear blueprint to re-ignite focus, enthusiasm, and effectiveness of your service excellence council

- Provide a clear blueprint to help the council fulfill its mandate

Included in the service are:

- Best Practice Gap Analysis
- Economic Impact of Change Assessment
- Organizational Development Assessment
- Focus Group Analyses

...and an ignition/reignition session for your leadership team, that'll make sure that the team is 'jazzed' about helping the Service Excellence council carry out their mandate.

Give Chris Garcia at Custom Learning a call, for more information, at 1800-667-7325, or chrisg@customlearning.com


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