Healthcare Service Excellence Conference - a few more thoughts

Pat Goodberry-Dyck, the Chair of the Healthcare Service Excellence Conference reminded me that there are in fact more than the 10 reasons to attend that I listed below!

She explained the following 5 in great detail to me:

1. See and assess the latest technology to help drive HCAHPS scores

2. Learn from, and challenge two experts in hardwiring strategies that have engaged entire hospital staffs

3. Get practical tools and strategies to motivate managers and associates to achieve service excellence goals, through effective performance appraisal processes

4. Identify and track opportunities for improvement related to patient care, safety, risk management, and operational efficiency in the ED of a small hospital

5. Learn how the makeup of individuals can play a role in disruptive events

Powerful stuff!

I was particularly interested to learn about the 'systems' side of the HCAHPS management tools, which Pat explained in detail...they'll be presented for peer-challenge at the conference.

Yep, as a keynoter I'd love to see you there. As a professional, I'm recommending this conference as a 'gotta-go'.

See you there?


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