Create synergy to improve employee engagement.

It's a tough thing to achieve, but it's an unstoppable force when it finally gets moving.

Synergy does amazing things.

By publicly declaring your intent to improve employee engagement in your company, you'll soon find yourself propelled by the power of the declaration and the pull of the expectation of the delivery of the outcome.

Committees will form to study and interpret your engagement survey. Action plans will fall out of these committees. Good things will begin to happen, and some people will begin to feel a sense of 'electricity'.

The challenge will be distributing this sense to every staff member in a disciplined, accountable, and sustainable manner. It gets tougher when other realities set in, such as customer priorities, meetings, financial pressures, and production deadlines.

We recommend that sustainability be engineered into the design of your engagement plan, and consideration be given to hiring external coaches to help guide the synergy.

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Performance Management said...

Performance Management

Thanks for supporting the idea of Performance Management. I’ve seen it create division in senior teams when handled incorrectly and seen transformation happen when used elegantly. It’s all about the intention and skill of those who facilitate the process.