Simplifying the complexity.

As you know, I'm passionate about service excellence in healthcare, and I steadfastly reject the argument that 'there's too much uncertainty right now' to act with conviction to make foundational improvements to systems that support the patient experience (as measured by the HCAHPS survey).

The Healthcare Service Excellence Conference simplifies the complexity, and presents sessions that are of such high impact, that your HCAHPS performance will have the foundation to achieve positive change in the 3 months following the attendance of a senior leader to the conference.

These are a few sessions that illustrate what I mean:

  • Return to Care: VHA's Nursing-Centered Approach to Improving Medical Surgical Patient Care in Hospitals - Pat Tyler, RN, CCRN
  • Becoming a Category of One: How Extraordinary Healthcare Organizations Defy Comparison - Joe Calloway
  • Floor Leadership: From Success to Significance - Case Study of Unity Health Center
  • Hardwiring Sustainability: Creating a Service Excellence Return on Investment - Cathy Wilson Sands RN, BC, BSN and Natalie Edwards, MAEd, RHEd
Of course, there are more.

Because Value-Based Purchasing is so important, and HCAHPS is so influential, I invite you to register one or more of the senior leaders of your organization to attend this transformational event (Oct 28-30, 2009, Nashville).



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