It's been some time since I've blogged about HCAHPS scores (only), but I'm inspired to do so after watching President Obama's address last night.

HCAHPS, while just a piece of the value-based purchasing/reform puzzle, is still an important, and potentially expensive one (if neglected). That's why I continue to preach about the need to improve processes, tighten accountability for results to a unit-level, engage frontline associates in becoming active advocates for improvement, and so on.

Whichever reform plan makes it through Congress, there's little doubt that an HCAHPS-based value-based purchasing element will be a feature of it.

Clearly, the time really is now to boldly address HCAHPS deficiencies. Patient experience issues need to be resolved (to the patient's satisfaction, as well as to prevent recurrence) when they are reported.

We've also been changing at CLS, to better support this urgency-requirement. Our new 'HCAHPS 60 Day Quickstart' process is specifically designed to help hospitals get their HCAHPS scores moving - fast.

Through high impact training, coaching, and support systems that include leadership coaching, use of our Bellwether early warning reporting system and our Goalmaster accountability system, hospitals will:

  • engage leaders, staff, and physicians to proactively improve the patient experience
  • implement a system of accountability that keeps everyone moving toward the same goal
  • act on real-time feedback received through rounding processes, to manage patient satisfaction, and monitor trends
  • lever unit-level performance improvement to affect change on a daily and weekly basis

Bottom line? It works.

If your HCAHPS scores are 'stuck' - give me a call (1800-667-7325).


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Anonymous said...

Bang-on observation Brian. HCAHPS is clearly 'party-neutral', and the sooner we (as an industry) figure that out, the healthier we'll be. Keep preachin'! JMS