Six Actions to Take Today, to Improve Your Leadership Effectiveness

The essential ingredient of quality improvement in healthcare is leadership.

Without the right leadership, quality improvement efforts are, for all practical purposes, doomed. Yet with the right leadership - strong, directed, and committed - anything is possible.

Below are six actions to take today to improve your leadership effectiveness:

1. Build collaboration and consensus around a common quality agenda
2. Aggregate and disseminate comparable performance data
3. Increase coordination and reduce inefficiencies to improve the quality of care delivery
4. Develop and disseminate guidelines and quality improvement tools
5. Educate providers and consumers in the use of information to support quality improvement

...the sixth of course, is to attend the Healthcare Service Excellence Conference, Oct 28-30, 2009. A contingent of senior leaders from your hospital who attend this conference has the potential of not only preparing you effectively for Value-Based Purchasing (the conference theme), but strengthening the entire leadership process/approach of the hospital - thereby strengthening the outcomes.

Call me directly to register, or register online at http://www.healthcareserviceexcellence.com .


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brian, I agree!

I attended the conference the last 3 years, and found it to be a breath of fresh air. As a CEO, it gave me the tools to proactively manage HCAHPS (as it unfolded), and improve my patient satisfaction scores.

I'll be registering myself and my CNO this week. JMS.