Keep Your Nurses for Life - New Cover Poll

Thanks to everyone who's registered their opinion so far. With only 23 hours to go, if you have yet to weigh-in, I'd certainly appreciate your opinion.

Special thanks to Sue Krawchuk for her (usual) inspired designs, and to Susan Dworski, for dedicating her time and considerable talent as well.


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Anonymous said...

Nursing is essentially taking care of persons(not people)who are looking, no expecting to be healed.The #3 cover is the only one that portrays the human side of the care/healing process. To portray this person wearing a mask suggests that the healer is protecting themselves from the 'diseased' ie removed from them. I understand this precaution is necessary in some vital situations, but not in the majority of instances. Why not position the mask below the chin...ready when needed.This paints my experience of THE NURSEmore vividly than the masked version on your proposed cover.