The HCAHPS Leadership Development Intensive

The HCAHPS Leadership Development Intensive is designed specifically to help hospitals drive their HCAHPS scores, and position themselves for maximum P4P results.

I recently conducted one at a hospital in the Boston-area, and was most-impressed with their grasp of the impact of HCAHPS on their future..."it's all about HCAHPS now" was a familiar refrain of the leadership team.

My team and I conducted a thorough diagnostic of the hospital's ability to both manage and succeed under the new reality of HCAHPS. We followed with a presentation of a customized road-map to HCAHPS success (both short and long-term) which we're committed to seeing these folks achieve.

Is your hospital coming to terms with HCAHPS? If you can invest 2 days, our HCAHPS LDI will present both the reality and the map to HCAHPS success.

Give me a call, or post a reply if you'd like more information!


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