A Bias for Action

We strongly recommend using an action-tracking system (such as our GoalMaster system) to not only ignite by focus movement against patient dissatisfiers to maximize HCAHPS performance.

Upon receiving your monthly or quarterly survey results, convene a meeting with all senior managers, and assign ownership of the specific under-performing question directly through GoalMaster.

For example, if ‘Quality of Food’ is the issue, assign (say) the COO as the Level 2 delegatee on the goal of “Improve Quality of Food Score by 3 Mean Points by End of Next Quarter” (or whatever works for your hospital).

GoalMaster will send the assignment to the COO before he/she even leaves the meeting! The COO can then action this item by delegating further to (say) the Director of Food Services, using the GoalMaster interface.

Auto-reminders will be sent to the Director of Food Services, asking for progress updates on a bi-weekly basis, allowing both the COO and CEO to monitor progress, and provide direction and assistance where necessary.

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