The 8-Hour Service Improvement Manager: Hour 1

The 8-Hour Service Manager is a new series, designed to help managers integrate service improvement into an already business day.

The suggestions that will be presented are tried-and-true solutions to improve both unit-level and business outcomes. If after adopting each suggestion for a month, and truly integrating it into your routine, and you don't see a positive change, I'll give you not one, but two complimentary registrations to the Healthcare Service Excellence Conference, to be held next January, 2012, in Dallas, TX!
Hour 1:

Before you sit down at your desk and check emails, daily reports, and the general paperwork that keeps your job in motion...hit the floor!

Spend 20 minutes visiting with your staff!

Connect with them on a personal level:

- how was the movie?
- what did you think of the game?
- are your kids feeling better?
- did your husband get the car fixed?
- how about this crazy weather?
- did you see that crazy Tosh.0 show on Friday?


This may sound silly, but it has a profound effect. First, it takes you out of your 'ivory tower' and engages you with your staff. Before long, the conversations will be less inane, and more sincere, approaching personal level of details. Additionally, you'll begin to plug yourself into the grapevine again, and hear about how problems with other departments are affecting your staff, and your customers.

Your staff will soon turn to you to remove service-related hurdles...something you can accomplish in your Hour 2!

Improve Service in your 8 Hour Shift...Hour 1:

- practice this 'rounding' with your staff for the next 30 days.


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