"You've Really Got a Hold on Me" - The Benefits of Effective Communication to Employees

I this blog discusses the benefits of effective communications - from an employee's perspective.

So, assuming that as managers, we've been able to correct our ineffective communication by making sure that our staff do not hear about our actions/initiatives 'through the grapevine', the benefits to our people will include:

  1. Role clarity. They'll have a greater sense of their role in the organization, and how it contributes the unit's and the organization's goals
  2. Through this clarity, they'll find personal alignment between their contributions and the organizational requirements
  3. Increased sense of 'who the information leader is' (that'd be you!)
  4. Increased sense of feeling heard
  5. Increased sense of feeling part of a team, and a higher performing work unit

These attributes affect employee retention, and how they expend their discretionary effort on the job, creating a high performing work unit, improving engagement, and increasing retention.

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Anonymous said...

It all comes down to communication. Our managers just went through a communication training course - we'll see in the next month if this has had an effect.