Are you an inspiring leader?

What's the difference between an inspiring leader and an effective leader?

In times like these, can inspiration really be an organizational asset?
When we think of inspiring leaders, we often tend to think of historical, political, or even religious leaders. But inspiring leaders are often all around us! They are the 'difference makers' - the ones with the exceptional abilities to communicate and to build strong, high-performing (loyal) teams.

A 2005 poll by Cejka Search and Solucient LLC discovered that CEO's of hospitals rank the inspiring skills of communication and team building second only to strategic thinking in what they most value in their leaders.

The study further summarized the top 8 most highly valued behaviors - 5 of which can be classified as 'inspiring' (visionary, collaborative, innovator, risk taker, charismatic).

So how do we become inspiring leaders?

This series (and this year's Healthcare Service Excellence Conference) will be focused toward providing leaders of every description with the inspiration to lead, and the solutions to succeed in a time of massive change.

I invite you to share your stories of inspiring leaders with me!

Best wishes for a terrific 2010!


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