Value-Based Purchasing Boot Camps 2

I just got back from Alabama where I presented a Value-Based Purchasing Boot Camp with JL Morgan and Associates. The response was phenomenal!

It's clear to me that Alabama understands that having an effective HCAHPS / Value-Based Purchasing plan is critical. I only hope that other states follow suit.

If you interested in learning how to leverage HCAHPS and VBP to create world class patient satisfaction and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage please let me know and I'll be on the next plane.

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Unknown said...


Thank you for leading the charge on this key subject. HCAHPS will financially impact many healthcare organizations. It may sound strange coming from a guy who has been a Director of Patient Financial Services for 15 years, but our motivation cannot be purely financial. If it is, we have missed a golden opportunity to change our culture.

I'd be interested to know the responses you are getting from your audiences. Most of those "C" level (CEO, CFO, COO, etc.) folks with whom I have spoken have had rather a tepid response. Those few who do want to move forward find it hard to successfully engage their medical staff.

Keep banging the drum, my friend. Your voice is needed in our quest to create value for those who come to us in there time of greatest need.

Thanks again for your leadership in this crucial area.