Healthcare Professional Appreciation Day - May 28

They make a profound difference in our lives.

They are our neighbors. They are our friends. Sometimes, we don't even know their names.

They're definitely under-appreciated.

Their work and their caring make us well again.

They are orderlies, housekeepers, technicians, nurses, attendants, clerks, cooks, servers, doctors, secretaries, administrators, managers, security guards, ambulance drivers, engineers, surgeons, pilots...and many more.

They are the professionals that work in healthcare.

So, I urge you to take a few minutes on May 28, and express a simple 'thanks' to someone who works in the healthcare field.

It's easy. Pick up the phone. Send a letter, visit a hospital, or use the links at http://www.healthcareprofessionalappreciationday.com to reach out to someone who works in healthcare.

Use the form on that page (link above) to nominate a person who works in healthcare to receive a $1000 continuing education scholarship.

The scholarship will be awarded on June 28, 2009, and annually thereafter.

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