Tough times require leadership.

I wanted to reflect a moment with you on the 'big' topics of staff involvement, accountability, and defining a vision.

We must always be mindful of our role as leaders, perhaps more-so during these days of unceasingly bad economic news.

It's our responsibility as leaders to present a positive vision during these troubled times, and communicate that vision with both force and conviction.

Our staff are looking to us now.

Make no mistake - your actions are being assessed over the dinner tables of your staff, who are looking for comfort and reassurance.

I urge you to seize this opportunity to communicate with your staff, and your peers in what might be a new way.

Articulate your vision for service excellence clearly and consistently. Tie it into growth. Present the truth about your challenges. Be open. Ask for patience and trust.

Now more than ever, you'll find a receptive staff willing to follow.

Best wishes for continued success.


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